Crossfit Ataraxia

We believe CrossFit provides the framework to empower ourselves to lead healthier lifestyles. With a little hard work and the support of the CrossFit Ataraxia community, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.


When we started in 2020, CrossFit Ataraxia’s goal was to create a friendly and approachable place for people of all fitness levels to find peace and feel good about themselves. By establishing an environment of encouragement and achievement, we hope to build a community that people want to be a part of – one that’s open to everyone and has the power to change lives.

Meghan Day

Owner, Head Coach

Meghan has spent the last 5 years honing her skills as a CrossFit coach and can now add “entrepreneur” to her job title having opened CrossFit Ataraxia in 2021. A self-described fitness “junky” and outdoors enthusiast, Meghan decided to launch CFA because she is passionate about functional fitness for life for everyone, from the elite athlete and skilled lifter to the young woman who has never handled a barbell and the retiree looking to stay active and everyone in between. Meghan is committed to the coaching ideal that every person she coaches, regardless of athletic ability, deserves the very best she can offer them. It is with fierce dedication and a passion for helping people on their journey to improve their fitness and health that she elected to pursue opening CFA.

Lisa Easton

Certified Nutrition Coach PN1

Growing up, Lisa was consistently playing team sports like basketball and volleyball while also staying active on the family farm caring for her animals and doing various chores. It was in high school when she decided she wanted to become a nurse. Lisa went on to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Whitworth University and WSU. After experimenting with a variety of different exercises throughout the years, her husband encouraged her to try CrossFit – and she hasn’t looked back since. Having never lifted weights before, this is where Lisa’s interest in nutrition began, and in 2019 she became a Certified Nutrition Coach. As a CrossFit athlete, nurse, and mom of two young boys, Lisa has attacked her own nutrition from a variety of angles, gaining valuable knowledge from her successes and failures. Combined with a desire to keep learning, Lisa has translated her expertise into helping clients develop better relationships with food, achieve deeper levels of health, and much more. Lisa is passionate about helping people develop fundamental skills and habits for nutrition that are simple, effective, and can be taken with them wherever they go.

Tyler Easton

Crossfit coach

Tyler started CrossFit ten years ago as an athlete looking for something to help him in his professional and personal life. He lives a very active lifestyle, whether it’s on the job as a paramedic and firefighter, playing with his two busy sons, bow hunting for elk, or going skiing with his wife – he wanted something that did it all. CrossFit has been that glue, and then some. Over the last four years as a CrossFit coach, Tyler has had the privilege of watching and helping others reap the same benefits. That is what motivates him to coach: he loves the potential CrossFit brings to our community and wants to share his passion and privilege with you.