Workout of the Day — WOD

Workout of the Day or WOD, is the daily regimen for CrossFit Ataraxia members.


CrossFit Ataraxia’s workout programming is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. It’s helpful to have an understanding of standard CrossFit terminology to perform the basic movements, but we’re here to help and educate for those just starting out. So, whether you’re here to get fit and feel good, or your goal is to stand on the podium, we can help!

Our WOD programming is designed to improve athletic performance and helps provide guidance and technique direction to ensure a safe and optimal workout. All CrossFit Ataraxia training programs were developed with extensive knowledge of recovery and mindset aimed at empowering you to take your training to new levels.

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Goals of WOD

By attending regular workouts of the day, you can definitely expect to be sore — at least the first week or so — but within a few weeks, you’ll find the workouts easier, and may start to increase reps or weights. Overall, CrossFit is a great way to incorporate fitness into your routine for a variety of goals like weight loss, muscle gain or to just build confidence to be a better you!


What to Expect

WOD is designed for high-intensity training, combining strength and conditioning intervals. WODs typically feature a wide range of movements and training styles with a focus on weights, high cardio, high reps and quick movements.

If it is your first time attending the WOD, expect to use a standard weight recommended by the coach that considers your age, gender and comfort level. Plan to engage in a dynamic warm-up like squats, push-ups and lunges, before moving on to a skill/strength workout to practice and learn skills before performing the actual workout followed by a cool-down period.

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